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Puppy Smuggling - when will this cruel trade end?

Help us stop Puppy Smuggling. Email your MP today and ask them to pledge their support!

Puppies are continuing to suffer at the hands of unscrupulous breeders and dealers across Central and Eastern Europe. We have delivered a mountain of evidence to the Government to show how bleak the picture is, yet nothing has changed and thousands of puppies are still being put through this horrendous ordeal with many families at risk of buying an illegally imported puppy.

This has gone on too long - the Government must act now. In two quick and easy steps you can help by calling on your MP to join the fight to stop puppy smuggling. If you contacted your MP as part of our campaign in 2017, we appeal to you to do so again because the Government still hasn't taken action. Please email your MP today, and ask them to pledge their support.

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       The History of Puppy Smuggling
       We have been investigating this cruel trade since 2014, but sadly it is
       still as big a problem today as it was then. Find out what has
       happened so far,and read the latest in our series of undercover


       Don't fuel this cruel trade
       It's very easy to be duped into buying a pup that is a victim of this
       cruel trade. We have lots of information and advice to help you buy a
       puppy responsibly



    Have you been affected by Puppy Smuggling?

    We are always on the lookout for stories to share as part of our
    media campaign. This aims to warn others that this trade exists
    and to prevent more dogs from falling victim to unscrupulous